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How to Do Well in an Audiology School Interview  


  • Dress tidily. Bring along a mirror or check in the bathroom before going into the interview room.

  • Arrive at the general location at least one hour in advance. Have a backup plan if the bus does not come, if someone does not pick you up, etc. Arrive in the building at least half an hour in advance. Arrive at the waiting room at least 15 minutes in advance.

  • Conduct a mock audiology school interview with a friend or family member. They will be able to point out mistakes or undesired habits that you were not aware of.

  • Donít worry, just relax. It would have helped if previously you have had many other interviews with different types of people. This is where things such as volunteering helps you because you will have usually had an interview with the volunteer coordinator. If apply for jobs, just the interview experience alone would be worth it even if you do not get the job. Basically, the practice should help you relax much more when you are at the medical interview. It should, therefore, just naturally feel like a relaxing interview.

  • Donít take whatever the interviewer asks you personally. It may seem to you that he is insulting you or being rude, but that could well be part of the game.

  • Use each interview experience as a learning experience. If you have applied to several schools and can get an interview for each, then you will definitely get better with each interview.

  • Go to bed early the night before the audiology school interview so that you are well-rested the next day. If possible, reserve some time during the night before to do some "cramming" of various pieces of information about yourself, as it can really help you the next day. By cramming, I mean just reviewing some notes to potential questions that you had previously made.


  • Some people do not recommend having predefined answers to questions, but it can actually help. Not that you memorize word for word what you say, but you can write down a list of questions, and then jot down points for each of them. Review the answers periodically. You do not have to say exactly what you wrote down during the day of the interview, but at least you would have had the practice of answering such a question and kind of have a vague idea what to say. This also helps your organizational abilities. And there is nothing wrong with giving the same answer for different questions because this reinforces your answers and also, they may be asking you the same questions intentionally to see if your answers are consistent. At the same time, do vary your answers to the extent the you feel is required.

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Last reviewed May 21, 2011



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