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Timeline for Optometry School Applications


Late high school - 

  • investigate as many career options as possible, including optometry
  • take courses relevant to optometry
  • volunteer in a optometry setting
  • decide on a backup plan if you do not get into optometry school
  • enjoy your high school experience - make friends, have a good laugh

Early college years -

  • decide which optometry schools you would like to apply to and gear towards what those schools are looking for when making yourself a competitive candidate
  • take any prerequisite courses required by your optometry schools of choice
  • do more volunteering in a variety of settings, and perhaps gain some work experience
  • improve your communication and interview skills
  • enjoy your premed college experience - make friends, have a good laugh

Middle college years -

  • take the OAT
  • check deadlines for applications
  • decide who you will ask to be your referees

Year of the optometry school applications -

  • Write application essays, get reference letters, get transcripts, submit the application before it is due
  • Make sure reference letters get there on time
  • Don't worry about if you'll get in or not if you have done your best; if you really would like to, apply again, and if not, move on with life
  • Remember, you can decide to change your mind at any time you like before actually starting optometry school.  Some people even say you can change your mind after entering optometry school, but that would be a waste of everyone's time, including yourself.  Therefore, decide if you would like to become an optometrist, and commit before optometry school.

Last reviewed May 21, 2011



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